The Superfood Drink with Basil Seeds: 
Launching FRIYA on the German speaking market.


As Social Media expert with a wide network of influencers, we took over FRIYA's Social Media accounts from launch until we built a solid community of FRIYA Lovers. 

FRIYA’s target audience is health-conscious millennials, so creating a personality for their brand online was essential. 
Together with FRIYA, we created a brand and content strategy, that touched the lifestyle of the target audience and was designed to promote interaction and build a community of superfood lovers.



We built FRIYA’s online presence, by taking control of FRIYA’s Social Media accounts, created photography, graphics in collaboration with Wald & Schwert, and recipes in collaboration with a number of food, fitness and lifestyle influencers to increase the variety of the content and the reach of the content. 


Creating a strong compelling brand story is what differentiates you from your competitors.


We built up the brand through direct and indirect storytelling and collaborated with existing communities and influencers with a certain standing in relevant niches.
We ran a social seeding campaign focusing on influential food bloggers with a nutritional background to build awareness and educate people about the benefits of basil seeds and liaised with fitness, food and lifestyle Instagrammers.

We created live touchpoints by collaborating with start-ups such as VeganBox, Foodist Healthy Box and sponsored events like CreativeMornings Vienna, Top Swap or Blogger Fleamarkets.

All the activities resulted in more than 1.500 #FRIYA-hashtagged photos and more than 200 Influencers posting & writing about FRIYA and a successful launch of the brand on the German speaking market.

Read more about how I brought FRIYA to life here on medium.